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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by chopfloat, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. chopfloat

    chopfloat Have bat will travel. Founder Administrator

    This weekend sees the VETTS Southern Masters take place at the Jean Brown, Indoor Arena, Redbridge Leisure Centre, Barkingside, Essex.
    The entry is slightly down this year, maybe due to the date being so close to the Christmas Holidays.
    The full draw can be found on the VETTS website: www.vetts.org.uk
    Top seeds in the Men's over 40's are: Lorestas Trumpauskas and Neil Charles. In the over 50's: Darren Griffin and Nigel Eckersley. In the over 60's: Brian Johns and Phil Bowen. The over 70's: Peter Radford and Roy Norton.
    In the Ladies over 40's: Sara Williams and Emma Rose. Over 50's: Sue Collier and Debbie Auvache. 60's: Teresa Devaney and Helen Shields. 70's: Sally Bax and Margaret Dignum.
  2. the drinker

    the drinker Contributor

    Thought the venue was good , surrounding area not so

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  3. chopfloat

    chopfloat Have bat will travel. Founder Administrator

    Have to agree with you, Andy. I thought that the playing conditions were very good. The Cafe menu was rather bland and the local ambience was on the dismal side.
    Congratulations to both, Jonny Clarke and Bill Grant, upon their victories in the over 70's and 60's respectively.
    The Karaoke/Chinese buffet was, in entertainment parlance, pisspoor, but we VETTS, under the Geezer Bowles influence, know how to turn, pisspoor into bacchanal boisterousness.

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