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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by chopfloat, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. chopfloat

    chopfloat Have bat will travel. Founder Administrator

    The 1st weekend of the BLC division took place at the Ormesby Club on Sat/Sun gone.
    10 teams will compete for the title over 5 weekends.( All the rest of the w/ends will be at the Sycamore Club.)
    Draycott, Drumchapel, Halton, Kingfisher, London Academy, Ormesby, Portsmouth, Sycamore, Whitworth Academy and Wymondham are the clubs contesting.
    The standard was very good, with Portsmouth winning all their 4 matches, to lead the table.

    Notable names on show: Naphat Boonyaprapa, Victor Guang,Marcus Giles, Dexter St. Louis, and Mark Short.
    The home club, Ormesby, fielded a very young side and managed to win one match.

    I was only there on the Saturday and I umpired two matches; Sycamore v. Ormesby and Drumchapel v. Draycott. I found it very hard/tiring to do all 8 games solo in each matches and I much prefer playing! But I have to say that the behaviour of the players was very good and there were only two instances of any controversy decision. So not too much stress.
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  2. Lefty

    Lefty Member

    Very enjoyable weekend, but felt my age by the end! Maybe one game to many for me

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  3. chopfloat

    chopfloat Have bat will travel. Founder Administrator

    As the speed and stamina declines, you have to use the versatility of veteranism to compete.
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  4. Kobe02

    Kobe02 Contributor

    Always surprised how teams overlook having strong but under rated girls in their British League teams - London took advantage of having a cadet girl and picked up some good wins..

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  5. chopfloat

    chopfloat Have bat will travel. Founder Administrator

    Yes, I did see (Patricia), there, but, as I was umpiring, I didn't get the chance to watch her in play.
    As you say, having a good female player can reap some good rewards.
  6. Kobe02

    Kobe02 Contributor

    That's unlucky, You would have missed some very good attacking and athletic table tennis - she doesn't hold back at all. Though won't see her at any England nationals now as she has decided to represent Romania - mistake by TTE of not taking her on, as she would probably be one of the best cadet girls this year.. it's not like we have loads to choose from !

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