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AGM Proposals & Amendments

Discussion in 'Governing bodies' started by Belisar, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. What happened re TTE Voting Review? As far as I am aware, it went silent and nothing has happened (similar to the Competition Review).

    From my experience over the last ten or so years, having come from outside the sport, this is one of Table Tennis's main problems. Too many of the "politicians" are not now serious players, but cling to the past (and in some cases for self interest) and are not prepared to update and streamline the sport for the new generation. It is a shame as TT is a sport with real potential.
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  2. chopfloat

    chopfloat Have bat will travel. Founder Administrator

    Date for, EGM, is set for, 12th August. Let's hope all is resolved.
  3. Kobe02

    Kobe02 Contributor

    So cycling had the same vote and got 94% acceptance - but sounds like they had a very clear communication plan to the 130,000 members..

    At least now I am trying to find out who my local vote holders are now..

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  4. ALEX

    ALEX Member

    just to say a list of voting members is available the leagues appoint annually a LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVE MEMBER and the counties appoint a COUNTY REPRESENTATIVE MEMBER usually at their AGM or meetings.

    Each league has votes for resolutions dependant upon paid up members and the county has votes for all the registered members in its county namely in theory each member gets two votes.

    How they vote depends upon the procedures agreed by the league and county.

    hope this is of use


  5. Belisar

    Belisar Contributor

    Didn't cycling amend their structure so there were more elected members underneath the top 3?

    Not sure if it was that or the threat of losing their uber millions that helped get the acceptance percentage so high.

    I remain unclear on quite who will be making the future decisions and driving TT onward, but given any progress is going to be tough without money there seems little choice anyway.
  6. ALEX

    ALEX Member

    British CYCLING changed to get approval for the governance code, bear in mind they get funding from UK SPORT as well.
    they have a BOARD consisting of,
  7. chopfloat

    chopfloat Have bat will travel. Founder Administrator

    As far as I'm aware, we (the members) would still have elections to appoint 3 people onto the board, but not into positions. The board would elect, the Chair, Deputy and Treasurer. Theoretically, we could still have TT people at the helm.
    It is the management of money that has caused the dissent, but only a minority have objected. I do feel that now,all this furore, has settled down , the EGM will resolve the impasse and that the resolution will be passed.
  8. Kobe02

    Kobe02 Contributor

    Hopefully this is also a wake up call for some of the people at TTE. They need to be better than they are and find ways to be more efficient just like any other business does.

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  9. Kobe02

    Kobe02 Contributor

    Sounds like a peace settlement has been agreed..

    and finally somebody has made the point that the board are actually unpaid volunteers like the majority of people in clubs and leagues..

    they wouldn't be on the board unless they had a strong interest and a background in the sport...

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  10. chopfloat

    chopfloat Have bat will travel. Founder Administrator

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